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November Finds

It was the last flea market of the year :(  I know, it makes me sad! I'm getting used to wait for that first Saturday of every month, walking up and down the lines of vendors looking for something, something at a good price :)

Now I'll have to wait until Spring. It sounds like a long time and I'm going to miss it, it's so close.
During Winter I'm going to try and save a Saturday for "Thrift Store day", let's see if I stick to that plan ;)

OK, let's see the treasures I found :)  Lately I've been loving these vintage wooden tape measures. Early this year I bought two at an antique store, the price: $8 for each one. Now I know, that was a fortune :/  I got two more at the flea market for only fifty cents each, and they even look more "vintage".

It looks like I'm also collecting shelves. I got this one that looks like the mantel in my family room. $2.

The Holidays are getting closer, there were lots of Christmas decorations, though I didn't get much of that stuff.  The ones that came home with me where these angels.

Look at those pretty faces :)  I got five, two are not in the pictures, they were $4.

These set of jar/containers were FREE! Ha, nothing beats free, right.

I love the rusty lid on this jar.

And the closure on this Wisconsin Homestead container, I'm looking for a place to display them.

Last but not least, this cute table. It wasn't at the flea market, it was a Craiglist find.

Ten dollars bought this pedestal, lion pull drawer, and claw feet table full of dust!

Oh, and scratches ;)

Suggestions on how to update it are very welcome :)

For now I've got to dust it, this can be a nice Christmas gift ;)


  1. I absolutley LOVE your drop leaf table!!! WHAT A FIND!! I have been looking for a drop leaf table too, but have not been as lucky. I can't wait to see what you will do with this beauty.



  2. Wow what fun and great finds. Now to find where to put them!!

  3. I love the flea market. I have to be careful because I keep bringing home stuff and don't really have anything to do with it. I just love it too much to pass up.

    It is also funny because my dad has one of those folding tape measures in his tool box.. I can remember him using it since I was a tiny kid. It makes me nostalgic!

  4. Great finds, Cristina. I'm excited to see what you do with that table.

  5. Oooh, I like that Craigslist table! I can't wait to see what magic you work with that :)

  6. you know I like inexpensive and free. There is a product that will make the scratches disappeared and the wood shine as new. can't remember the name, but it's basically a wax thing, very easy to apply

  7. great finds! It is so fun to shop this way! Then the process of staring at it to decide what to do with it!! Love the challenge and you are always so good at meeting it!!

    House Envy

  8. What a great drop-leaf table! It would be perfect for a sewing table. I love it. Sorry your flea markets curtail for the winter. Mine is one weekend a month, all year through! Good idea to check out the re-sale shops though. Good hunting!

  9. really have some great stuff there!. That table is gorgeous, and will be even more beautiful when you are done with it!!!

  10. The angels are such a precious find, they have such sweet faces. The drop leaf table is gorgeous and I know you will figure out exactly what will work the best on this little beauty. If the scratches aren't to deep on the leaf I would tend to want to restore it. Otherwise I can see navy blue with those lion head pulls. Just a thought.


  11. Such fun finds, I am sad it is no longer garage sale season! I love the angles and shelf! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  12. I love your finds! I only have one more flea market the 3rd week in November and I think it will be too cold to bother going. Oh well.
    I had those angels when I was a kid! So crazy to see them again after all these years. Of course I would totally paint the table. It would be cool if you painted everything, but left the metal details metal. I think you could refinish the top. Maybe use a stripe of paint around the edges of the table where the damage is, but stain the rest.

  13. You virtually stole the table - it will be gorgeous with both paint and stain. Love the rusty zinc lid. As for the mason rulers? $8 is cheap around here!

  14. Love the wood rule and that table is to die for. Great finds. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. Great finds...and I love how you've displayed the wood measuring sticks!

  16. Great finds. I love the table and the yard sticks.

  17. You had great luck this week :) If you have a minute, stop by and share at my new link party, Everyday Vintage. Would love to see you there!

    Lisa @ Helene's Legacy

  18. Wonderful finds! I need to shop with you! Following you now on GFC, twitter and Facebook!

  19. I love those carpenter rulers -- I would have been tempted to buy them, too! Also, I'm a sucker for old jars.

  20. i love the table .... i found one at a yard sale today and im trying to find out what the value could be... does anyone know?

    1. Good for you Connie! Sadly, I have no idea about their value.

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