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Diy - Wooden Angels

How to make wooden angels - Free graphics

This year I'm having a thing for angels, they are going to be a big part of my Holiday decor, but when looking through my stash for some of them, the ones I have were too small for my liking :/

After looking around for some inspiration to create my own, I came upon this one my friend Meeha had on her mantel last year.  Isn't it adorable!

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Meeha Meeha
I love it! I love the whole mantel display.  
My task was to try to re-create that cute angel ;)  And this is how it went:

The materials and tools you'll need for one angel:


Trace the body pattern onto the 1x6 piece of wood and cut it out using the jigsaw. I cut two shapes at the same time.  Hmmm my boards were a bit too short, I got flat heads ;)
how to make wooden angels

Do the same with the wings, using the quarter-inch plywood.
how to make wooden angel wings

For the base, center the angel's shape lower side onto the 1x3 and trace around. Drill a hole so the jigsaw's blade can come in, and continue cutting along the lines with the jigsaw.
My husband was cleaning the garage, he knew I had to do these cuts, as a nice surprise he took matters into his own and went to town drilling holes on both boards :D
how to make wooden angels for Christmas

Glue the body onto the base, clamp it and let the glue dry. Prime and paint.
how to make wooden angels

For the decorative painting you can use acrylic paints (I used face paints because I don't have all those colors in acrylics).  For the face and hands use a very light pink, doing the contour with a darker pink. For the body use a very light yellow, doing the contour and arm lines with gold.
painting the wooden angels

Once dry, you can trace the facial features using black and red pens.
how to make wooden angels

Cut all the other remaining materials to fit.
angel's hair

Using the hot glue gun set them in place.
how to make wooden angels

It looks like I gave them extra food :)
How to make wooden angels

They look chunkier than my inspiration, but oh well, it's OK!
How to make wooden angels

I'm happy with the end result, I love their hair.




  1. Cute! You are so productive! You are always cranking out cute stuff!!

  2. Aww, so cute, love the faces. Decorations like that you will have forever!

  3. They are so pretty! I love the angel theme for decorating and I really like how you used wood for these angels. Great job!

  4. Oh Cristina, you are so handy at everything your 'Little hand' gets a hold of!!! The angels are adorable and I like them a little well fed too, lol! Great tutorial!

  5. These are so sweet and I like them a little chunkier!! Great job Cristina!

  6. I thought this looked familiar ...:))))
    I can't believe you went through all this trouble in order to replicate the angel from my home - but the result is simply adorable! I love how you kept the golden stars and went "rope" for the hair...

  7. oh! Cristina you are so handy! :-) you did a lovely job and they look so sweet, so adorable! :-)

  8. Wow Cristina!! Your angels are gorgeous!! I love your hair choice! Perfect.

  9. que lindos esos ángeles Cristina .. te quedaron relente delicados

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