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Art on a Budget

The days when I went shopping for a piece or art are long, long gone! Not that I did it frequently, but yeah, I did it. Like the expensive couple of golden frames I bought for my living room, or this picture that I proudly kept above the mantel on my family room for more than five years.

Really, it stayed there all that time until I got the "decorating/diy bug" ;)  The fireplace got a makeover and the infamous art was finally taken down.

I tried to sell it on Craiglist but it looks like nobody had that "great taste" :) Well, it got a new life and a welcome back into another room in the house.  I like its size.  It stayed on that wall in my living room for another year until I sent it to the basement last Christmas.

A couple of weeks ago it was transformed once again to decorate the dining room.  It was one of those days when you feel like an artist ;)  Three projects, the angels and two wall paintings!

For my new painting, I call it "the beans" art, I was inspired by a picture in a magazine, I don't recall the name of the magazine, I remember looking at that wall art in this picture and thinking..."hey, that's so easy, I can make it!"
The "beans" were drawn on paper and cut out -random sizes, big and skinny.

Four lines were drawn across the canvas, the beans were then traced and painted.

Finally, the lines were traced once again with a Sharpie.

High technique, right! :D  -Sharpie, wall paint, kids Tempera paint... But hey, it works, I like its modern vibe!

It was done and it was easy! Time to pay attention to that table.  The tablecloth is next ;)
Thanksgiving Tablescape

I'm busy this week.  Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and I have to set another table, I have some extra guests I need to see how to accommodate.

Hugs everyone!


  1. Art is very subjective but your new work truly qualifies as beautiful work of art Cristina! Love it! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. me encanto ese cuadro Cristina.. combina el naranjo perfecto con el resto de la habitaciĆ³n

  3. Love this piece! You did a great job! If you get a chance, you should link up.

  4. And a new title to Miss Norm Abrams.....Miss Picaso! Cheers

  5. this is a lovely piece Cristina, I really love it! :-)
    wish you and yours a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving!

  6. It looks great! Your own custom art, can't beat that! I have seen art in places too and thought I could make that, good for you for actually doing it!


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