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Fall Mantel with DIY Sunburst Mirror

Last week my mantel was still sporting the boat art I made for Summer, it didn't look right anymore :( with cooler temperatures, leaves already falling and pumpkins in the supermarket it was time to give my mantel a new update.

And what better way to do it than with a sunburst mirror :)
sunburst mirror made out of wooden shims

I couldn't stay away from the Sunburst mirror trend, any ways I think they are timeless ;) So, here is my take for a rustic type DIY sunburst mirror.

The materials and tools you'll need:
  • 1 mirror 7" diameter
  • Dry cedar shims (36 shims were used, they are about 15" long)
  • 1 Gold Sharpie
  • Sisal rope ½" x 12
  • Decorative cording trim
  • 1 - 10" x 10" wooden board
  • Dark stain and clear enamel
  • Screws and wire to hang it to the wall.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • pneumatic nailer with 5/8" nails (optional)
The mirror's final dimension is 40" round.
I had most of the materials and tools, the price for shims and mirror was $6


36 wood shims were used.  18 of them had to be cut 1½" off the thickest part.

Using a gold Sharpie and a ruler give the smaller shims a nice detail, if desire.

Give the long shims and wooden board a coat of dark stain. The short shims get a coat of clear enamel.

Center the mirror on the wooden board, use a pencil to mark its area. Begin by placing the dark stained shims all around the circle figure (thick ends on the board).  Once you're happy with their placement, drive two nails on each shim, you can skip the nails and use the hot-glue gun instead.

Continue with the short or light shims, center them in between two of the dark shims. Nail them in place. A scrap piece of wood (½" thick), also needs to be nailed in the center circle to make the mirror flush with the shims.
Before hot gluing the mirror, turn the board upside down and attach the screws and wire.

Finally, sisal rope and decorative cording trim are hot glued around the mirror to hide small gaps and nail holes.

Fall decor and my new sunburst mirror makes this Fall mantel one of my favorites ever.
wood shims sunburst mirror and brown and earth tones mantel

Mr. owl came out once again this year. :)

A wooden leaves garland...
wooden leaves garland on a mantel

And I'm ready for Fall!
fall mantel with leaves garland, owl, pumpkin, branches and sunburst mirror

Are you ready?!

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  1. This is soooo cute! I love how you stained the shims. It has a really nice fall feel to it and also kind of a retro, mid century modern feel, too! I think I have some shims at home so I might have to make one of these soon :)

  2. Thank you for showing how to make this sunburst. I have been wanting to make one for my house for a very long time. A ver como me sale. :)
    BTW, I love your owl. I saw one like it at Pier 1 that I'm going to get soon. Is that where you got it?

  3. Thanks! Debbie, I got the owl last year at Hancock Fabrics, I love it :)

  4. I loev your version of the sunburst mirror. Your mantel looks amazing, Cristina. :)

  5. Nope - I'm still not ready - the snow will be falling down from the Heaven's and I still won't be able to face that summer is over lol - but that's a GORGEOUS Fall mantel Cristina !!!

  6. Perfect Fall Mantle Cristina!!! Love the sunburst mirror you made!!!! How I wish I were as talented as you in making things! Love it dear!

  7. That mirror is lovely! I've been itching to make one and yours is beautiful!

  8. This looks fabulous and such a great tutorial too. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  9. You kicked the sunburst mirror up a notch by adding the gold detailing! I like that your mantle is not too full and you have left some breathing room for all of your pretty elements.

  10. It looks great! I love that you left some light and stained others dark. I never thought about buying shims. I just thought I'd collect a bunch of paint stirrers and make a mirror one day, lol.

    My car said it was 98 degrees here an hour ago and I'm about to jump in the pool. It just feels so wrong to think about decorating right now, but I'm prepping so the minute it gets below 90 I'll be ready with pinecones in hand.

  11. Great mirror, Christina and I love your fall mantel. I like owls in the decor for fall, too.

  12. You do such amazing work, Cristina! Love your Fall mantle and the mirror is GREAT! xo Diana

  13. The fact the mirror is two-toned gives it such depth. I love how it came out, and your mantle is fabulous!

  14. I love your Sunburst mirror!! It makes a beautiful statement!! It is all so pretty! I am not ready...I always seem behind on decorating, but I love the season!

  15. I love your mirror - you did a fantastic job on it and it looks so great. The mantle looks so very good with your fall decoration on it.

  16. Gorgeous mirror! There is nothing you can't do! You are so talented. The mantle looks amazing! Gorgeous display!

  17. Love your sunburst mirror....so pretty! You sure have a knack for creating a beautiful mantel!

  18. This is GORGEOUS, Cristina! I love the entire mantle, but the mirror is especially stunning! Must make one for our home! Thanks so much for sharing, friend!

    ~Abby =)

  19. I LOVE your fall mantel!! It's perfect and so tastefully done. Your sunburst mirror is fabulous. Just time for the cooler temperatures.
    Mary Alice

  20. Very nice! The starburst looks great for Fall. -Tabitha

  21. Love this Cristina! So clever and love the mantle display! Very fall:)

    Have a great weekend
    House Envy

  22. Cristina, tu espejo quedó bellísimo! excelente la explicación del paso a paso DIY, dan ganas de ponerse a trabajar ya!!
    Buen fin de semana!

  23. AWESOME project Cristina - and it looks seriously stunning above your fall mantel! Great tutorial!! Pinning!

  24. Very nice! That's a very inventive way to use those shims. Your mantel looks great with your fall updates. I haven't gotten to mine yet. Visiting from BNOTP

  25. Love, love this mantel; especially the sunburst. Pretty!
    Thank you,

  26. That is one of the prettiest starburst mirrors I've seen, Cristina! You did an awesome tutorial, too! I also really like the wooden leaf garland.

  27. Wow.... What a gorgeous mirror and GREAT tutorial!! You did such a good job and your mantel looks beautiful!

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too

  28. This is fabulous!! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2013/09/centerpiece-wednesday-93.html

  29. Great job on the sunburst mirror and your mantle looks wonderful too. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  30. This is so cute! I especially love the leaf garland across the mantel.

  31. It looks great! I love a good owl too. :-)


  32. This is so pretty! I think I may need to make one one of these days!

  33. Todavía estoy de viaje Cristina pero quise , vuelvo el jueves

  34. Your mirror looks wonderful. Very pretty fall mantle.

  35. I love the mirror and I love the rustic look of your mantel. Very Nice!! Blessings, Debbie

  36. You sunburst mirror tutorial is great. It makes me feel like I might actually be able to tackle one of my own. Love your mantel.

  37. Cristina... first time on your blog and love it. The mirror looks great!

  38. this is one of my favorites i've seen around cristina - i like that you made your own starburst mirror & rustic-simple it is♥


  39. gorgeous sunburst mirror ! great tutorial too. Beautiful mantel !

  40. I love that starburst mirror! Looks great. I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-diyers-31.html

  41. The starburst mirror is very creative! Looks great, Love your owl, you should check out my fall owl centerpiece.

  42. Your mirror turned out so nicely and looks great with the rest of your decor... I love that owl too :)

  43. Adorable mirror. I am wondering where you found the oak leaf stems that are on the left?

    1. Thanks Julie! I found those stems at Crate and Barrel a couple years ago.

  44. Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn't sure if I would even get one since this is an older post. I recently found your blog and I am really enjoying it! :)

    1. Thanks Julie, we, bloggers, usually read all the comments immediately, sometimes we don't have all the time to answer, but we try, especially if it's to answer questions to fellow readers.
      Have a great weekend!

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