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Easy Sofa Makeover

Hey everyone!

I've been MIA these past days and the reason is I'm finally enjoying my vacation :)  It all started with a trip to New York city, lots of walking, sightseeing and time spent with my sister's family.
We are now heading to New Hampshire where I'm looking forward to a more peaceful atmosphere after all the mumble-jumble of the big city.

Remember my living room and how it got an easy inexpensive makeover? 

I told you how the the golden frames were replaced with old windows, but the transformation began with the sofa.

Two years ago we gave the room a mini-makeover by changing the color on the walls, the drapes, the carpet, but my dear husband didn't approved of me changing the art or the sofa, after all, as he said, "we paid a good amount of money when we "invested" in these pieces... Good quality pieces that should stay in there forever!"
My style has changed and luckily it looks like my husband's style also changed. He has finally agreed to let it go.

The sofa is the one that got me working immediately.  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved this sofa, I still like it, but after more than ten years looking at the same thing I was more than ready to give it a spruce up.
Total cost for this sofa makeover: $25, including the pillow cases.

sofa with skirt and damask light color fabric

old sofa with skirt

The materials and tools you'll need:
  • Decorative Nailhead Trim in your color of choice
  • Tack puller
  • Nose plier
  • Hammer
  • Knee pad
The first thing you need to do is go and check if your sofa is a good candidate for this option. Is it nicely finished under that skirt?  Are the legs something you would like to show off?

how to update an old sofa by showing its legs

If your answer is yes to those questions, then it's time to grab the tack puller and knee pad and begin loosing up all those staples.
tack puller and soft knee pad

Then, using the pliers pull them all out.
how to remove staples from furniture

Do yourself a favor and tape the sofa's skirt up while you work at removing them.
attaching tape to hold sofa's skirt up

You're going to end up with a pile of staples and that long, long skirt.  By the way I'm already thinking about what to do with it, any suggestions?
getting rid of skirt on sofa

Just by removing the skirt you give your sofa a new look and your room feels more open.
skirt removed from old sofa

Get rid of the staples holding the fabric to the legs and tuck in the fabric.  You'll want a straight line before going to the next step...

A small amount of bling.  The nailhead trim looks like a long ribbon of nailheads.
how to update an old sofa by removing skirt and adding nailhead trim

You simply hammer a matching nail in every five nailheads.
adding details to sofa

Instead of continuing the line to the back of the sofa, go around the front of the arms for more impact.

Five dollars pillow covers.

A switcheroo of lamps and a couple of old windows and I can totally live with this "new" room for another ten years :)

how to remove skirt from sofa

Well, maybe five. ;)

how to update an old sofa


  1. Amazing Cristina! Enjoy your vacation dear!

  2. Looks so beautiful! What a transformation you've done. :) Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. So glad you've enjoyed your vacation! We all need one from time to time :) Off to check out your tutorial now!

  4. I am excited to check it out! What a great idea! Have so much fun on your vacation!

  5. It really made a difference! I did the same thing to an old sofa I had, but I didn't think to add the tacks too...great idea.

  6. Cristina que buena y simple idea!!, que pases unas descansadas y entretenidas vacaciones

  7. Amazing how it really changes up the entire sofa!

  8. awesome project!!! love those window wall arts too!!!

    paintings for sale

  9. Enjoy your vacation Cristina! have fun :-) & New York; oh! I want to go there too and do some much needed shopping! ha!ha! :-)
    going over right now and read your tutorial! :-)
    take care!

  10. Love how you updated your sofa. Your living room looks so pretty. Hope you have a great time in New Hampshire. We're on our way to Maine for the week.
    Mary Alice

  11. Wow! Awesome! Will hop over to see you at PHG.

  12. So that's how you add decorative nail trim to your furniture. I've always been to chicken because it seemed to complicated. And at first glance I thought you added legs to the sofa but then I quickly realized that you removed the skirt. Duh! :)

  13. Wow, your sofa looks so much more sleek now!

  14. Removing the skirt and adding the nailhead trim is such a clever idea. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. The sofa turned out great. I love it!

  16. Looks great! I am a huge fan of showing off the legs of a sofa!

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