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A Week of Troubles and Finds

Last week while trying to get to my blog I was encountered with this message:

I hope you guys haven't bumped into it. The problem is already solved, but oh boy, it was not easy for me to fix it, I was scared :/

I had to do lots and lots and lots of reading, I wish I knew more about html.  After looking every where to find a solution to my problem I got big help from this site: RedLeg, who guided me to find where my problem was.

Oh well, my way to deal with all the anxiety shopping :)  I had no intention of buying stuff for myself, but my kids were driving me crazy, asking me to buy their schools supplies before we go on our vacation trip, so we went to find their stuff, only problem, there wasn't much out there yet :)

Instead, at Target I found really good sales for the house, like this five dollar wooden pilaster.

How about these $3 body pillow covers. I love that I can create two pillow cases out of these. I'm already working on a couple for the sofa.

I saw this decorative pulley some weeks ago, but I couldn't pay the $12.99 price tag it had.  $3.99 was the right price this time around.

These pair of lamp shades was another great find. Their original price $19.99 was reduced to $5.99, I was happy to pay the new price.

I tried the new shades on this lamp and love them!

I like the pattern it creates at night time.

But that's not all, a Craiglist search took me to some awesome FREE items right here in my neighborhood. 

A wooden divider,  it opens up to four panels.

It is very heavy...Solid wood.  Any suggestions on how to use it besides its main purpose?
Take a look at how I repurposed this beautiful wooden screen right HERE.

Finally, this is my favorite! Is it a dresser? a buffet? I don't know.  I just think it's very pretty.

Though it needs lots of work.  Somebody tried to fix it, but they did more wrong than good!  Look at that finish, it's all bumpy.

They even stained the beautiful hardware, crazy!

It opens up, only to show a really bad restoration job :(

I don't have much space inside the house for this piece, but I want to give it a second chance. I love the two wooden tones, the hardware, the design on the drawers, the straight lines, and those little "shoes" :)

Isn't it beautiful?! Those were the things that brightened up my week.

The divider is already been used. You can see how it was updated right HERE.


  1. How scary about the malware! My chrome isn't working today and I am using internet explorer. I wonder if something is going on with Chrome. I love that buffet, it is a gorgeous piece. xo Kristin

  2. Patience is a virtue to those who wait - I too got a lot of the 70% off items from TARGET! Love your finds dear esp. that buffet, gorgeous! The divider can make a cute headboard, or place it outdoors for som faux-wall display!

    Anyway, posted the bloggers series already, Thank you so much for particpating Crisinta! REaly appreciate it!!!!

  3. Scary about the malware! I love your finds. The divider is gorgeous and so is the buffet. The divider could be propped up against a large wall - if you have one - as wall art. Perhaps a headboard?

  4. I hate it when things like that happen, so sorry!

    I am glad you had some bright spots to your week! I love the buffet!! I am sure you will give it a great new life. And the divider! Holy cow you could do some cool stuff with that! I see those spindles being used for crate handles (go figure!) or even turned on their side and used as a magazine rack... And the bottom parts would be so cute as the sides to a sofa table or dresser...with four sections it might even make a cool head board...Fun for you!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. That buffet is just beautiful! I can't wait to see how you restore it. I would have been scared to death seeing that message on my blog! Yikes! I'm glad you got it all figured out and were able to release some stress through shopping :) You got some amazing deals at Target!

  6. Great stuff and prices from Target, they have the best things, especially when on sale! Your freebies are fantastic, the buffet will be beautiful when you're done with it!
    If that warning came up on my blog, I'd have another heart attack! I'd totally freak out since I'm so not computer savvy! Glad you were able to fix the problem! Visiting from the party at Cedar Hill Ranch.

  7. Oh my, I'm so not computer savvy, I hope I don't see this on mine, caz, that'll be it for me, lol.. I love your buffet, it's lovely as it is for me, but I'm sure you will make it look even better! I just came from Marty's IMT. Enjoy your Fourth!

  8. Oh, honey, I also love, love your lamp!

  9. I love that lamp shade.. the way it only shows up when the lamp is on. That is really awesome.

  10. love all your finds; that lamp looks great at night and the buffet, I'm sure you will be able to make it pretty again! :-) sorry to hear about that malware on your site, glad it's ok now!

  11. I love that divider!!! And it was free?? I would paint it and hang it on the wall like a big statement piece or it could be a headboard! Sorry to hear about the malware, scary!!

  12. Love it! What awesome finds! Who doesn't love a good deal?

    Emily @

  13. It's always such a great feeling to get great stuff at great prices! Awesome finds!

  14. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the malware. So glad you got it figured out! You made some major scores at Target, lucky you! But the buffet is my favorite. I can't wait to see what you do with it!


  15. Oh my goodness! This was scary just to read, I can't even imagine having it actually happen. But here you are and all is well again! Love your perfect finds and the lamp shades are wonderful!
    It will be a treat to see what you do with the buffet!
    Take a big breath and enjoy the 4th!
    Thinking of you with happy hugs,

  16. I too have encountered that malware notice on my blog. After some research I discovered it was from one of the link party badges I had in my post. Once I removed the badge everything was fine. Love your Target finds.

  17. Yikes! Malware creeps me out...I know it's probably a matter of time before the same message pops up for me. It's great to know there are resources out there to help solve the problem.

    And I have to say we recently found a similar looking dresser / buffet, probably from the same era, at a consignment shop. We loaded it atop our car, brought it home, and are in the process of refinishing it. We actually painted over the pretty wood (which is kinda sad, but we wanted it to match the distressed black of our table and chairs). Tomorrow, we make a trip to Home Depot for hardware! Can't wait to see how you fix yours up. She does deserve a second chance!

    The Thinking Closet

  18. Hooray I'm so glad that I can read your blog again. :) You found so many fun items!!

  19. Hola Cristina que buffett más bello has encontrado ,y lindo cambio le has dado a esa lámpara , estoy ansiosa por ver el cambio del mueble

  20. Sorry to hear about the malware thing, I hate having to spend so much valuable time fixing things you didn't do. But on the other hand you found some awesome finds.

  21. Good for you figuring out your trouble with the computer. What a pain and yes, scary! You sure made up for your troubles with those sweet finds. Love that console!

  22. you did really well on that shopping trip. those lampshades are adorable.

  23. Love your finds. Gotta get to Target myself. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  24. Glad your week got better. Great finds!

  25. Wow....what great deals on treasures you found. I love a great deal...I think I have an addiction to buying stuff just cuz it's a great deal. We probably ALL do!!! :) Glad I found your site from the "It's Overflowing" share party! Love your site.

  26. Great finds, LOVE your lamp shade! Hope all your computer things are all cleared up ;)
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  27. Large Room Divider can be used as is or painted to use as a King Headboard!

  28. Large Room Divider can be used as is or painted to use as a King Headboard!

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