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Flea Market Time

As usual, the first Saturday of every month is flea market time at the closest train station's parking lot, like five long blocks away from our home.   I almost forgot that it was already the first Saturday of a new month, but my daughter was happy to remind me and give me good company.

We were kind of late and the weather was gorgeously HOT, some vendors were already departing :(  But oh well, many more were still there.

After looking for a while I stopped at this particular vendor's place because he had lots of boxes full of stuff marked $0.50!  Really? Fifty cents! Let's see what I can find....  is what I thought.

Sure enough these three silver bowls where scattered in those boxes. They looked like big rusted but majestic cereal bowls. Again, fifty cents ;) I got three because that's a good number for pictures an it's an odd number and blah blah blah.

Then in another box I found this shiny piece, it sure had to be a holder because of the hook, but I couldn't tell what was the sign? or letter?

When I turned it over, I liked it even more.....
                                                                     Pottery Barn :)

Ha, I'm going to keep it, but let's see if I can find some more.

Yeah, it was in the next box...
                                               The letter C

Of course stocking holders.  It must read.... Christmas.

Two boxes down I found the letter A and I kept on looking at least for one more letter because we are four, our mantel needs at least four stockings.

All those boxes were getting pretty messed up. In the end I did find the final letter I wanted.   They are heavy,  perhaps I can cover the letters with something else.  Total there: $4 including an old clear bottle I didn't take a picture of.

Then, turning around the corner I saw a chandelier. I was looking for something like this and there on the floor it was...  My bedroom chandelier!

When I asked for the price, the lady said the $80 price had been slashed down to $50 and that was final.  I counted all I had and no, I only had forty dollars flat.  I offered her all I had and told her to check my bag and pockets :) That was all I had and I really wanted to have it.   A bit hesitant because she had payed way more than that for it.... because they were real crystals.... because it was made in Italy (I even thought about my blogging friend Daniela at that moment :), finally she agreed to let it go.

My daughter wanted to continue looking around, but with no money left  I simply wanted to just run out of there.
Once home I began taking pictures.  I'm not crazy in love with those candlesticks, perhaps they can be painted.

But I love the little crystals...

And the bottom crystal ball.

After taking the photos I search for Pottery Barn Christmas stockings and I found and E-bay listing for my new set, the only problem:
                                        I AM missing a letter...  The letter E!

Let me tell you.....
                                                   I went back to find the missing E!

After all is just five blocks away. Well, they were already putting things back in their truck, I told them I finally found out it had to read PEACE,  and I was missing another E.

I couldn't find it :(

They promised to look for it and save it for next month's market in case they find it.

I'm crossing my fingers so I can reunite the whole set next month.

Oh I didn't tell you.  The whole set is listed on E-bay for $175.

Wish me good luck.  ;)


  1. The chandelier is wonderful. A great find!

  2. Wow! You are the flea market queen! Great shopping!

  3. I love that chandy!! I went out garage saling this weekend and found a few treasures too!!

  4. I'm going to have to come to that flea :) I love everything you found. You can probably find an E maybe on Ebay if that helps you out. Can't wait to see what you do with the chandelier. :)

  5. That chandelier was an amazing find! I'm so glad you were able to get it for $40. And I love those silver bowls for only $0.50. Crazy good deals!

  6. Great chandy and $175 is crazy. I hope they find your other E. I didn't know you and Daniela were blog friends. They come home from Italy Thursday. We have to pick them up from the airport.

  7. Around here the flea markets are full of plastic junk made in China... no Pottery Barn and no chandeliers!

  8. Good luck getting the missing piece. Great deals!

  9. Gorgeous chandie ... glad to have spotted it over at Kristin's fun Tuesday's Treasures party! I hope you find your missing letter!

  10. Nice chandelier. I haven't been out treasure hunting in a long time-need to go!

  11. What awesome buys....about those plastic candles....I heard through the grapevine that lighting stores have newer versions of them and they don't yellow with age...just in case you don't wanna paint them....

  12. I love the chandelier! What a great deal. Maybe PB will come back out with the "Peace" stocking holders this year.

  13. thanks for taking me on your ride though the flea market. It was fun to see what all you bought at such great prices. It pays to go late.

  14. Good luck- I hope you find the other E...wouldn't THAT be something? LOVE that chandelier~ If you are talking about those sleeves (candlestick covers) they should slide right off there once you take the bulb out. You can then paint them or cover them.

    Hope you have a great week-xo Diana

  15. I bet you will find the E! Great chandy!

  16. Wonderful chandy and at an awesome price!! Great finds!!~~Angela

  17. Love this Chandy would love it if you cam by and shared it at

  18. You scored well Cristina! Excellent buys, and I can hardly wait to see your chandy installed. It will be gorgeous!

  19. Awesome treasures you have here and thanks for sharing them at my party.


  20. Great finds, Christine! I love the chandelier!

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  21. I love the chandelier! Oh my gosh, deal of the day!!

  22. Wow-Success!! Love your new chandy and I agree crystals are perfection!
    Happy Hugs-

  23. I hope you find the E!!! What a pretty set! And I LOVE the chandelier! You go girl! I should go to a flea market sometime, five blocks away is awesome!

    Oh, and I also loved your table runner!

  24. I LOVE the stocking holders and the chandelier!
    You never know WHAT TREASURES you are going to find at a flea market :)
    Lori @ JasmineBrook

  25. Don't you just feel like it was your lucky day! I know that they will find your E or perhaps some dear reader will find it for you!

  26. Love the silver bowls for fifty cents....a great bargain!
    Jamie |

  27. Flea markets are the best. I absolutely love the silver bowls; what a great find!

  28. I love flea markets...can't believe you found that chandy at one! Awesome find!!

  29. Hello!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words!!

    You did fantastic with all of your flea market scores!! The chandy is fabulous!! Congrats to you!!


  30. Wow!!! Awesome finds! That chandy is gorgeous!! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  31. Way to go!! I love finding fantastic deals. And I do hope they find the 'e' and save it for you. What a deal...$175 to $2!!! The chandy caught my eye! I like it the way it is...but that's because I'm not fond of the bright white candles usually seen.
    Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday Link Party, Cristina.

  32. GREAT finds, love the chandelier! Sure hope you get the E...:)
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  33. great find Cristina, hope they fine that 'e' for you!!!

  34. Well, I for sure would say you totally scored this time, huh?


    Well I sure hope they find that E for you - or you could just use it for "pea" lol could be fun, no?

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