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DIY - Metal Tags for Herb Garden

Are you as excited as I am about Spring?! 

Oh yeah,  I can't wait to go to the garden and start moving that soil and planting something! But since it's been too cold to go out there, I started gardening in the comforts of my own kitchen! :D 

I wanted to have fresh herbs to cook with right in the comforts of our own kitchen.

Guess what? I'm loving it!

I also created a set of cute little tags that I use to decorate the planter. They're also a good reminder and teaching experience for my kids who don't know how to put those herbs apart.

I love how these metal tags turned out. It's an easy project that you can also tackle in an afternoon.

Let me show you how!

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The materials you'll need:
  • One small section of air ducting
  • Shears
  • Gloves
  • File, sanding block
  • 1/8" stamping set
  • Hammer
  • Hole punch
  • Fine point Sharpie
  • The silhouettes for this project can be found here.
          Optional: dark stain


Cut each of the printed herb leaf silhouettes and tape them onto the metal.  Use sharp shears to cut through the metal following the silhouettes. 

The little shears worked like a charm, it takes some time to cut through the metal on those silhouettes with scalloped edges, a bit similar to cutting through cardboard.   Wear gloves!

Once the shapes are cut out...

File the edges, you don't want anything sharp.

Next, give the tags a worn-out feel by sanding them.  I also rub them with a dark stain to add to the aged effect.

Now you can begin the stamping. I used a 1/8" stamping set, the smallest I have.  

Set each letter, leaving your desired spacing.  Don't stamp them too hard! I did that at the beginning and the letter got stamped with the extra circle around it. You don't want that!

Once done, you can use a regular hole punch to open a hole to hang the tag.

Finally, with a fine point Sharpie trace the letters.

The tags can now be displayed on your herb box.

The herbs have been growing nicely, the basil and mint are the ones with the most growth, the cilantro has had a hard time, I don't think it's going to make it to the end of the year! :(

metal tags in the form of herb leaves

Are you ready for planting season?


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