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Easter Tablescape

I like to decorate mantels and table-settings and pretty much, I love any type of home decor.
Sometimes I'm really happy with the end result, and sometimes not so much.
But most of the time I'm very happy while adding a little thing of this here and maybe this nice color there.

While setting this Easter table I was transported to that time in my childhood when I used to play pretend store.

It's Spring break, no school, the days were long, we had all the time to play!  Yes, we, me and my sisters. What better friends.

The games were endless, tag, hide and seek, cards, kitchen, but the game I loved to play the most was "A la Tienda"  (having a store).   Well, the store I re-created most of the time was something like a grocery store because that's what we had in real life, a small neighborhood tienda.

Each of us created a make believe tienda and then visited each other to "buy" stuff.

There were not many toys to play with, we had to have big imaginations!

Our dusty backyard was the perfect place to find all sorts of treasures.
Very skinny wooden sticks worked great as pasta.
Light, grainy dirt was our everyday rice.

Outside, on the side of the house we could find all our green material.
The long pieces of grass were converted into beautiful leaks or green onions.
Flowers were picked up for those customers with good taste, the most common were those little white and yellow flowers that grew in between the grass. :)

Empty little boxes were chocolate bars.
Rocks were candies, but the bigger ones were potatoes.

We even ventured into our real tienda to look for items we could use from there.

Bottle caps were dishes or simply cups.

Any box or container that was not in use in the real tienda had to go to ours.

Picture clippings from newspaper inserts were my favorite wall decor.

Of course, we were allowed to have real fruits, which meant our little tiendas were well equipped with them.  Bananas, oranges, guavas, mangos.... they were there.

Oh, it was so much fun to find special items, that "one of a kind" that my sisters couldn't find.

A big box, an unexpected colored bottle or a mundane container with a nice shape did the trick.

When everything was set and done, my tienda was full of customers and I was happy to have them all. Oh my, I'm missing each and every one of my sisters this very moment.

Have a great Easter week everyone!

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  1. Cristina you did a great job! I really love everything! I must have a cupcake!lol

  2. Loved the way you decorated the whole table..especially the cup cakes
    Android Developer

  3. Love the story...very simular to mine! Table looks great! Happy Easter!

  4. Cristina tu comedor ha quedado preciosa con todo lo que le has puesto. esos cuadros con esas botellas y esos conejitos de pascua combinaba prefecto

  5. Awww, I just love your story about playing "A la Tienda"! You guys really did have some big imaginations. That's the best thing about kids :) Your table looks so awesome! I love all the flowers and the bright pastel colors. It totally embodies Easter.

  6. OMG, Cristina, I was under the impression I landed on BHG homepage! Sooooo pretty for Spring and Easter! The green bottle centerpiece is like a designer's understated dream! Love the fabric art on the wall, the contrast with the yellow daffodils, the simple kraft paper place cards and the willow branches, of course!

  7. It seems that you got a very early start in being creative!! What fun to play pretend outside, especially! Your real table is beautiful and I love the branches placed in the bottles. Happy Easter!!

  8. So pretty. I love your tablescape. What a great idea decorating with the green bottles.

  9. Cristina- That is absolutely wonderful. You did a fantastic job-it looks like a picture in a magazine and look how nice your new art is as a backdrop- xo Diana

  10. So so beautiful! You have such a nice touch! And your DIY art on a budget is brilliant! I love how you painted them to add the differences! And lastly I love your memories of playing store, or la tienda! So fun!

  11. Beautiful!! I LOVE the centrepiece! You did a great job. You should join our new link party {1 party, 5 blogs!}
    Have a great week!
    Jamie @

  12. What a cheerful and fun table setting and I love your childhood memories being woven into it!

  13. What a beautiful post! Love, love your table, Cristina! You are so talented at everything you do!

  14. This turned out beautiful, and your attention to detail just amazes me!

  15. Oh I love how imaginative your table is. Great use of objects and colors. I really like the centerpiece, the bottles look amazing in the tool box. Thanks for joining TTT and I hope you have a very Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  16. I love this toolbox with the wine bottles. What a lovely table for Easter.
    I am your newest follower.
    Have a great week,

  17. Looke absolutely lovely Cristina! I love your centerpiece! Your all set for Easter!

  18. You're a true decorator, Cristina mia.

    Que bonita!!! Mi mucho gusto.

    §:-) am I sounded a desperated Spanish ungraduate teacher?

    Kidding aside, I adore every piece and every detail.

    Happy Easter.

    /CC girl

  19. This is such a beautiful table, and I love the toolbox!

  20. What a lovely table and a charming story. I want to play tienda!

  21. It's beautiful, Christina! I have several Pellagrino bottles, you've inspired me to dig them out!

  22. What a cute, cute memory to share! I can remember playing house and scrounging for items to fill my cupboards. I like the idea of the bottle tops for cups. I never thought of that one! I love your idea of news clippings for wall decor, too! So you were a very creative person from early on in your life! The creativity continues with this very pretty Spring/Easter table that captures the soul of your imagination. VERY pretty! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  23. Que forma mas linda de decorar una mesa.
    un saludo.


  24. The table looks gorgeous! I love the little hanging eggs.

  25. Christina, I love the story about your little tiendas... what a sweet memory!
    Your real life table is beautiful. I love all the natural elements you found to put into your bottles!
    This makes such a welcoming Spring table!
    Thanks for sharing Spring at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!!!

  26. So pretty! Love it, thanks for sharing your beautiful Easter table. Have an amazing Easter weekend:)

  27. Lovely table setting! Easter greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  28. Great holiday table Cristina. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  29. Not sure what I love more -- the beautiful table or that beautiful story! I'd shop at your tienda any day!

    :) Linda

  30. omg, amazing...wish I had this pic to look at yesterday when I attemped to decorate my dining room follower and new Blogger

  31. Your table looks so pretty all dressed for Easter. Great childhood memories and love the creativity kids have when they make up their own play.
    Mary Alice

  32. Beauty and fun all wrapped up together. Your tablescape is amazing.

  33. Goodness Cristina, you have no end talent, my friend! Your table for spring and Easter is amazing and I love all your detail, specially that fabulous centerpiece!! If I was close to you..iria de compras en tu linda tienda. I loved your story too, sweet lady. Have a happy and blessed Easter, along with your family.

  34. Love your table--makes Easter extra special!

  35. What a beautifully decorated table!

    I so enjoyed reading your story of days long ago. My friends and I always loved playing restaurant. Oh, we had so much fun.

    So nice visiting with you today.

    Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  36. Gorgeous! Love the little names on the napkin rings!

  37. I love the daffodils in champagne flutes! I'm visiting from It's Overflowing.

  38. Everything looks stunning, Cristina! Love all the flowers and greens. I saw your adorable fabric for your wall decor the other day at made me smile. Your creations are so beautiful.

  39. Oh this is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! I love the fabric.. I would love it if you stop in at the party we are throwing.
    Hope to see you there.

  40. It looks wonderful Cristina, you have such a good eye for putting things together. I especially love the toolbox you made and the bottles. I'm going to have to try to put one together so I can have one on my table too. :)


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