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Let's Go to the Farm!

Log house

Hey! It's October, the weather is fabulous, the perfect time to visit the farm!

So, sit down, grab a cup of coffee or better yet a cup of apple cider and I'll take you to the amazing things going on at Butler's Orchard farm.

It will be a short drive, but as soon as we see this sign, the fun begins!

Germantown road to Butler's Orchard

Big roads are left behind, and we continue our trip through mother nature's majestic tunnels!

Tall trees flank each side of the winding road until we reach our destination.

As soon as we see this old weathered shed, we know we have arrived.

On the left, we can admire this beautiful log house, the home of the Butler family.

This would be their backyard, the log house is to the right, but in reality, their backyard is just about 300 acres!


Continuing up the road a few feet away from the log house we'll find the Farm Market.  It used to be a little red barn, but in 1993 it was expanded, and this new modern building was then created.

Farm market

Farm market - red door

Once inside, the most charming seasonal displays will get anyone's attention.  Don't you just love the beautiful display cabinet?
Fall - Halloween decor

I love its hardware and the little details all around.

Decorative pumpkins, owls, spiders, cats, carrots, you name it, can be found here!
Fall - Halloween decor

Going around, another wonderful piece of furniture takes my breath away!
Fall - Halloween decor

Isn't it amazing?!

Looking for some inspiration to decorate your home for Fall or Halloween? What better place than the Farm!
Fall - Halloween decor

You'll get ideas for bookcases, mantels, front doors, and outdoors.

Boo on old door

A couple of these guys would look lovely outside your front door!

scare crows fall decor

But not everything is about decorating here (only that my eyes cannot stop gravitating to that area). 

On the other side of the store, we can find all that yumminess! 

Jams/jellies, preserves, salad dressings, gourmet condiments, local honey, maple syrups, apple and pumpkin butter, baked goods, dairy products...

farm market

and of course, farm fresh seasonal produce.

farm market

But remember it's October, and we must be looking for some pumpkins! 

Yes. I'm so happy you came to the place where the hard decision is which kind of pumpkin you want to get.  So many varieties!


For that, let's go outside again, cause they have their own space outdoors and if we cannot find the perfect one around here or on that nice wagon, we can go and pick our own from the field!

pumpkin carriage

So, let's go there!
farm market

But wait! Not before putting some of these colorful mums apart!


While a short drive to the pumpkin patch we can enjoy looking at all those colorful signs,


or perhaps try to follow the long rows of crops that fill the landscape.


Until we reach our destination!

Pumpkin fields

the pumpkins!



After picking some of them we go back, not without looking at all the beauty that surrounds us!  Approaching the cornfield,

corn maze

old memories come alive, like my kids and their friends running throughout the maze

corn maze

trying to be the first ones to find the way to its center!

corn maze

Or the times we traveled these same roads on a hay wagon ride with our little ones by the side.

Cristina Garay - Hay ride

There have been lots of memories created here at the farm,

and this month I hope to create some more!

Have a berry good day sign

Have a Berry good day! :)


and please, this October, take one of those little roads to visit and support our farms.

This is NOT an advertising post, I haven't been compensated at all for my views or opinions on this post.

Butler's Orchard Farm is close to my home, a beautiful place to go year-round.  You can visit their website at where you'll find dates for special events like the Fall Festival, hours of operation, directions, and all the things going on at their farm. 


  1. Fall usually makes me sad because it always leads to yucky winter . . . LOL but I DO love going to pick apples, eat cider donuts, get pumpkins, etc. Looks like you found it all on your adventure!

  2. What a lovely outing for this time of year. Fun for the whole family! Corn mazes are the best.
    Mary Alice

  3. Christina, we have lots of memories visiting a similar farm in Colorado ~ always one of our highlights of fall too!

  4. What a fun place...reminds me of the Christmas tree farms we took our kids to. Sure wish I was somewhere where I could get fresh apple cider, take a hay ride and pick a pumpkin! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What w beautiful place to go. I love the roads with the trees arching over it, so nice. Thank you for sharing this special place

  6. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!

  7. I Loved this post. We have several farms in our area....I did a post or two about one of them, and then have not yet sorted through all of the pictures from the 2nd farm visit. Each one is different, as is yours....and has its own character and special displays and activities but every year it is wonderful to revisit them and make memories. You have great photos and a talent for making your story fun!

  8. Thank you for taking me on the drive through the majestic tunnels, past the colorful signs and the shed, inside the building and back to the farm to the maze. I feel like I had a lovely day in the country. Love it!

  9. I love farm markets and we have plenty around us to visit!!! Nothing like home pressed cider and pumpkin fried cakes!!!

  10. What a beautiful and interesting day! I need one like that! :)

  11. Beautiful country! New fan here, I found you through Cowgirl Up!

  12. Wish I can visit this log house and hope I can own too. :)

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  13. What a fun place to spend a beautiful autumn day, Cristina! Nothing like fields of pumpkins, the smell of just picked apples, and homemade donuts! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Looks like a wonderful time and such beautiful countryside. Your leaves are still so green so you must live somewhere much warmer than here.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Awesome! Thank you for joining me at HSH!

  16. What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.
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  17. What a perfect family fall outing! Looks like a great place to visit.

  18. This post is truly what Fall and family is all about! Love the beautiful pictures that pull us in and take us along on your fun day!

    We too have places like this at our cabin in western mass. And I never tire of the beauty of it all and feel so blessed to have a place like that to escape to.

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