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Room ready for visitors

My visitors are coming tomorrow. How awesome!  They are coming all the way from the Philippines. They must be on their flight already.  :)

Since that's what I've been doing, getting everything ready, I want to show you their room.

Well, this is my lit Matt's room.  It's a bit more spacious than the guest/office room, though it's still a small room.

I needed that extra bit of space to accommodate my latest find, the crib.  You can read about the finding of the crib and good price HERE.

I wanted to incorporate the colors on the crib's bedding to the colors in the room, a small amount of green and orange, besides the already red and blues in the room.

This room was all about trains, more specifically about Thomas the Tank Engine. The obsession my boy had for Thomas is all gone! but there are still some remnants of the train decor like the rail road all around the room.

Some prints..

and even the curtains!

To give it a more "babyish" feel I created a crib mobile.  My inspiration was a tutorial that I found right HERE.  I changed it my way because I didn't want to sew.

The material I used were these cardboard coasters I found at Michael's at the end of the Holiday season for just $.50 -pack

The materials you need:

  • 1  12" embroidery Hoop (painted)
  •      Cardboard coasters ( I used 28)
  •      Fabric
  •      Spray Adhesive
  •      Hot glue gun
  •      Ribbon

Spray Adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric you're going to use.  Place the coasters, and spray again on top of them.  Cover the coasters with another piece of fabric with the right side up.  Sandwiching the coasters.

Cut around every coaster.   I even covered one small Christmas box.

Then you can hot glue the ribbon in the center of each coaster, making long strands.

I made 8 strands  ( 4 with 4 coasters, and 4 with only 3)

Hot glued each strand to the hoop.  Lastly, eight more pieces of ribbon were attached to the hoop and tied at the top.

I re purposed the boxes from this bathroom, remember?

Now, I'm just waiting for my visitors!


  1. Cute! I have company coming this week too, so I know all about "getting ready". I hope you have a fabulous time with your guests. I know they will enjoy your splendid hospitality!

  2. you really went all out for your guest! looks great! and love the mobile idea

  3. Oh- Your guest are gonna love visiting you. I love the mobile idea. What a fun project. I hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  4. Awesome! Love the mobile! You are fantastic!


  5. How beautiful Christina, I know your sister and baby will be so happy to see what you have done! The mobile is fanstastic!

  6. Oh how great the room is what kindness in your heart to make them feel so welcomed I love the colors you choose and the mobile I'm gonna have to do that I too have guest coming this week my step kids from Cali can't wait to see them have a great visit !!

  7. Ooh! I just love this room! Beautiful design and colors! I love the mobile! You are so creative! Have fun with your family!

  8. well, your guests should be thrilled ~ you did and awesome job of getting everything pulled together!!

  9. what is the wall color? can you share? thanks a lot~~!!

  10. Love this nursery!

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    I also would love if you could share your cute nursery on my blog which features baby showers and nurseries, let me know if you are interested ehubbard6030(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. You did such a beautiful job on the crib and mobile. You really made the room special for your nephew. I'm sure your sister thinks you are the sweetest and most thoughtful!

  12. This is so cute, love the mobile and the trains. Gorgeous room. You've made it so welcoming for both a child and an adult. Beautiful. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. Such a sweet mobile!!! And cute! Featuring you on Saturday!

    XO, Aimee

  14. Visiting from It's Overflowing - this is so precious! Great job!

  15. You've creative a beautiful, comfortable welcoming space! I love the DIY details. Great job, Cristina!

  16. Love, Love, Love the mobile! And the train tracks on the wall are adorable, my little train conductor would love to have them in his room:)

  17. what a soothing room! Your guest will have a nice retreat!

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