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Painted Geometric Wall

I'm still working on the small bathroom my kids use. Updating it without spending much money.

I already updated the vanity, you can check it right HERE, and I covered that plain tub with a wood panel to make it look way better, check that HERE.

Lately, I've seen tons of beautiful designs on walls, so I thought the wall behind the door would benefit from one of those designs.  This is the one I chose, fun and simple:
This is the space or wall where I wanted to paint my design:

Since I was not going to buy the stencil I set to create my template.

1. Using a poster board I began drawing on the back of its circles.   I used a plate and drew the first circle on a corner of the poster board (fig. 1 ), then I continued drawing and connecting circles (fig. 2).

2.  Another circle was drawn in the middle of them ( fig. 3), creating the basic design.

3.  Using a square ruler I drew straight lines throughout the middle of the circles (fig. 4), doing it both ways (fig. 5), which helped me to continue drawing perfectly aligned circles.

4.  I cut the poster board to discard pieces that didn't have perfectly full or half circles (fig.6,7).

5.  Now it was time to cut with the utility knife.  I cut the figure inside each circle, making sure not to go all the way to the corners (fig. 8).  Do not discard the cutout pieces yet, later on, you are going to need some of them.

6.  I did not cut throughout the pattern at both ends to keep the stencil sturdier (fig. 9).  The diameter of each circle was 8-inches (fig. 10).

7.  With the stencil ready it was time to draw the pattern onto the wall.  I began at the top left corner (fig. 11), continuing right and down, making sure it was level.  I used a pencil but it's better to use a color pen that matches the color of paint you're going to use to paint the design.

8.  With the cutout pieces it was easier to trace around those hard-to-reach places and corners (fig. 13).

9.  I was unsure of what color to use, I painted my three options and settle on the left one, metallic grey on grey. Fig. 14.  ( Even though I did paint my choices on the wall, it's not a good idea! I had a hard time covering the ones that were not chosen!)

10. I used FolkArt craft paint Metallic Gunmetal Gray, it worked better for me using a flat angled artist's paintbrush (Fig. 15).

11. I put painter's tape all around the area to be painted.

Then I had to paint, and paint, and paint!!!  

Believe me, I am a very patient person while doing something like this, but by the time I was in the middle of it, I was not happy :/

Total painting time: 10 long hours!!! Thank goodness it was a small wall!  In the beginning, I was thinking of applying two coats but after my third hour of painting, I knew that was it!! I was not going to do a second coat. period!  You can see my "when am I going to finish?" face (fig.16)!  and that was the beginning!

Well, I like how it turned out, but I wonder if it was all worth it!
Spending $40 plus S&H or spending 10 hours of painting with a very sore wrist?!  What do you think?

I need to spruce it up a little bit, that's going to be until next time!

If you want to see the bath reveal click HERE.


  1. Cristina- It looks great! What a lot of work but it does look like it was worth the effort to me. I love it and it is going to blend in beautifully with the other changes you have made. xo Diana

  2. That looks awesome! Homemade stencils rock!


  3. Wow!! le quedo muy lindo me voy a animar aun mas, esta semana termino el mio.....

  4. O my gosh this looks like so much work but oh so worth it, it looks fabulous

  5. Cristina!!!! Oh my, you are the most patient woman in blogland! : ) Your wall looks amazing. You did such a great job on your homemade stencil.

  6. All your work was so worth it! It looks gorgeous!

  7. Wow! That looks amazing! All that work was worth it.

  8. That is some serious patience, but well worth the effort! It adds so much to the bathroom, beautiful!

  9. What a lot of work to do this. You did a remarkable job. I would never have the patience to do it.

  10. Nice DIY!!! I love it!!!

  11. It looks beautiful! But all that hand painting?!! Yikes! You DO have patience!

    Have you tried cutting the design out of contact paper and using a stencil brush? Just leave the backing on the contact paper and clean the front with rubbing alcohol if the paint gets built up. Works like a charm!

  12. Che brava...non deve essere stato facile!.... un bacio dall'Italia! Sara

  13. It's gorgeous but I would never have enough patience! I had enough trouble just painting out the trim in my house!!!

    Lovely job!

  14. Wow! So much work, but how beautiful in the end. Good job! Little Bit

  15. I am do impressed that you made your own stencil! You go, girl!

  16. Cristina,

    Great work. I bet your hands and arms are sore! Doing stenciling always wores me out.

    I'm visiting from the Finding Fabulous linky party. I hope that you can stop by my blog as well. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  17. I personally love the way it turned out with your homemade stencil. You rock!

  18. Wow, you really are patient! Worth the effort though, looks great. If you're looking for another place to share your awesome tutorial, head over to Etcetorize ( Party starts tonight, hope to see you there~

  19. Hi Cristina...

    Ohh my goodness...your decorative wall turned out fabulous, my friend! I am sooo impressed with all the time and effort that you put into creating it. What a creative and talented lady you are! Thank you for sharing your remodeled bath with us...and the great tutorial on the "how to's"!

    Warmest wishes,

  20. Oh my goodness! What a great look! You sure did a wonderful job! Give it a month and you'll forget the sore wrist and start to love it more and more!
    I think it was well worth it! Excellent!

  21. What a ton of work, but the finished wall is so pretty!!! I am amazed at all you put into it to end up with a gorgeous wall. Well done!

  22. Oh my goodness I am so impressed with you. This looks like a ton of work but the end result is great!

  23. What a beautiful job you've done with this wall. Your stencil is so fantastic! You deserve to relax after this project! :) Megan

  24. WOW is all I can Say. I soo want to do this in my sons room. That was a lot of work, but it is AWESOME.

  25. Amazing! I can't believe you made the stencil yourself and then traced/painted them individually! That's a lot of work, but it definitely paid off in the end - it's beautiful!

    I would love it if you would link up at Watch Out, Martha!’s first link up party: Martha Mondays on May 7th! Hope to see you there! ( )

  26. That looks amazing.


  27. Thanks so much for showing us how to make this pattern. I've been trying to figure that out and was thrilled to see your link! It looks awesome.

  28. Another great job. You do fantastic work.

  29. bravo! this is sooooo lovely.

    come visit me anytime at



  30. Just wanted you to know I featured this fabulous stencil design on my blog!

  31. Christina, your stenciled wall looks amazing! I love the metallic craft paint you used on it. Beautiful job!

  32. Your wall is gorgeous! I think it was worth the effort!

  33. This is amazing!! Your entire bathroom make over is such a great inspiration and so are you!

  34. Since I just found you I am going through your projects, you are really good! loving this idea too.

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