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Circle Stand Decorations

Hello Everyone!

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Lately I've been more into quick easy to do decorations for around the house than building more complex things.   Last week while looking for frames for the Spring Mantel at Michael's, I went by through the floral department and saw these rings:

I immediately pictured some circle decorations I wanted to buy long time ago, but because of the price I didn't! So, I decided to do it the thrifty way.

I got two different size rings, I also had two embroidery hoops and a stick of wood.

From my pile of wood scraps I cut these two that would serve as stands, I sanded them very well, rounding the edges a little bit,  found the center and drilled a hole in each piece where the round wooden sticks were going to be glued ( I used Super Glue, but regular wood glue would work just fine.

The embroidery hoops got drilled too!

I hot glued the embroidery hoops to the ring forms.

All the pieces were primed, the bases were sprayed painted and I painted the circles with black craft paint (I didn't want the circles to be too shiny).

I distressed the paint on the big circle to give it a different look and then hot glued a thumb tack on each hole the big ring had.

Finally, the circles were set on the stand with hot glue.

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The only extras I bought were the rings, I already have all the other materials making my cost pretty low.


  1. These are awesome!!! Seriously, love it!!! I'm doing a post tonight on all the weird decorations I make out of things around my house. I love these! The little brads were the perfect touch!

    Nice work!
    @ Creatively Living

  2. Cristina! GREAT ida. I love the modern look and feel of it. You had a wonderful vision there. I'll bet drilling those embroidery hoops was tricky business! xo Diana

  3. Oh my goodness. I loved the vignette, and then I saw that you MADE the circles...fantastic! These are really beautiful, so I'm gonna pin you. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm a new GFC and LF follower. I would love if you stopped by and followed back. Hope to see you soon, Lori

  4. These look great. Love the mix with your classical lamp and mirror.

  5. Nice! I really like the look of the thumb tacks around the rings.

  6. Very creative and they look wonderful! Visiting from Feathered Nest.

  7. FABULOUS!!!!!! I love how it's a unique piece!! Great job!

    I truly hope you'll share this over at The DIY Dreamer!

  8. Very creative art! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday. You participation is always appreciated!

  9. What a great idea and they look fabulous with the daffodils. Thanks for the comment on my bling artwork...I am now following you.

  10. So cute! What a great idea! Really loving the blog!

  11. I love seeing people create their own unique home decor. These look fantastic! Love the thumbtack detail, too.

  12. Oh my gosh these are amazing! I have seen those "sculptured" circles and love them too but am too thrifty to spend the kind of money I've seen them for. I am so doing these! I have the rings here at my house from a mobile I made last year. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful job

  13. I'm going to put this on the Creatively Living FB page in the next day or so.


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