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Patriotic - Burlap Ribbon - Wreath

How to make a wreath out of burlap ribbon

I've been slowly adding Summer touches around the house. Today's project came out after finding the burlap ribbons I used in last year's flag window art.

Is kind of fun to go and look at the stuff I've accumulated throughout the years and think about new ways to use it.

This is a very easy wreath, the only materials you'll need are a big embroidery hoop (mine was already red, you don't need to paint it), burlap ribbon on the three colors of the flag, and scissors.

Red, white and blue burlap ribbon

Since my ribbon was already cut in pieces from last year's project, I folded each piece in three and cut them, each piece was about 10 ~ 12", you can even make them a bit longer. Each piece was cut in half lengthwise.
how to make a wreath for fourth of july and Memorial day

Then, it was only a matter of tie each piece of burlap onto the hoop...
embroidery hoop for wreath with burlap

alternating the red and natural color ribbons, and...
attaching burlap ribbon to embroidery hoop

Leaving the last quarter of the hoop for the blue ribbon
Burlap ribbon patriotic wreath

That's it! Your rustic burlap ribbon is done, you can attach other decorations before hanging it on your door.
Burlap ribbon wreath

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  1. Super cute wreath and the pencil holders too!

  2. Now-THAT is a cute, super easy idea! Won't be long before it will be the fourth of July. How does summer go SO fast? xo Diana

  3. Love the wreath and how you created the sections to mimic the stars & stripes!

  4. Que bonita esa guirnalda !! Muy patriótica ..Espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  5. This is beautiful...and so easy, too. Great project for Memorial Day or July 4th. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  6. Beautiful wreath! That's perfect for the whole summer.

  7. Beautiful wreath! That's perfect for the whole summer.

  8. I love everything. I'm inspired to work on some 4th of July projects

  9. Love the natural look of this one. It looks a little bit eco which is something I strive for at home. Thank you a lot for sharing!

  10. This turned out beautifully, great job. I love the simplicity of your wreath! Very elegant instead of overdone <3

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