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Upcycled Plant Markers for your Garden

Hi friends,

I'm excited to be collaborating with some very talented blogging friends in what we're calling, the Creative DIY Team, bringing you lots of home and garden DIY ideas that you can incorporate in your own home.

For this month's challenge, HERB - GARDEN PROJECTS, I've decided to make EASY- UPCYCLED Garden Markers.

At the end of this post you will find the links to the other projects my friends have tackled.

My long time dream of having a vegetable garden in my own backyard got fulfilled last month.

Well, my son was the one giving me lots of encouragement. ;)  We worked together on cleaning and setting the bed, you can see the progress right HERE.

The plants have been growing, and he's helping me take care of it. But, I knew some plant markers were necessary for him and his sister to better identify each plant.

The main material used for these garden markers were coffee cup lids. Yep, I have a good stash of them.
My husband uses the cups, but he doesn't need the lids so, I've been collecting them, and other than this project right HERE, I've been at a loss with what to do with them.

My idea was the super easy...

"Let's write the plant names on the lids, stick a piece of wood on the back on them and that's it!" 

But, oh oh, it was hard to read those names because of the engraved markings on the lids.
Hmmm, perhaps, if you do it at the top and bottom it works fine.

Though, the picky in me couldn't tolerate that. I found in my stash self-adhesive chalkboard sheets and cut out circles to cover the problematic area.

Using a Permanent Chalkboard marker (aff,)  the letters  were written on them and even some doodles were drawn all around.

My daughter was the one lending me a hand with a regular hole punch. Two holes on each lid at the top and bottom.

Two coats of clear poly were applied to the lids in order to protect the labels.
Then, ¼" wooden dowels were passed through the holes.

And into the garden they went!

We've had lots of rain and the labels have been holding really well.

Well, I don't even worry about that... I have plenty of supplies! :)

Any other ideas on how to upcycle those lids? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. oh my gosh such a clever idea, cristina! love how they look!

  2. Excellent recycle project. I use chopsticks in place of wood dowels in a lot of my DIY projects so I can recycle them as well.

  3. Always great when you can use what you already have. Great idea! I would think you could use some of those lids maybe for ornaments at Christmas time. I used mason jar lids for them last year.

  4. Very ingenious and they look nice, too!

  5. Brilliant! I have mason jar lids that I could do something like this! My garden is growing too! Yay for warmer weather!

    Making the Most of Every Day

  6. Hi Christina...I am visiting from Brenda's blog and want to tell you what a great idea this is..and they look so nice in your garden!

  7. These are so fun and cleaver Cristina! Love them! Pinned!

  8. Cristina I just love this project. Such a great upcycle and they came out so cute!!

  9. Love this upcylce idea! And they are so dang cute! Maybe because they look like little lollipops :) Anyway, I love them!

  10. Hola Cristina .,, que buena idea usar esas tapas para marcar nuestra Huerta mmm

  11. You are so clever and they are so cute, Pinned to share!!

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