DIY - Bird Houses

Well, hello my friends!
Summer is here, are you enjoying it so far? That was my plan, until a few weeks ago when a new DIY project popped on my to do list and I had to get busy. This time: Creating easy to build bird houses.

All Spring long we were busy as bees taking care of the yard. Planting a new lawn, updating shrubs and bushes, flower beds and
doing a plethora of other projects in order to maintain our outdoor space looking good and ready for Summer.
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Lawn Care  |  Front Yard Work Trimming the Flower Beds  | Power Washing  |
Also on my to do list were a few building projects, like these DIY - Outdoor planters and coffee table. They give our outdoor space a fresh new look this season.
| DIY - Outdoor Rustic Lamps & Coffee Table
The thing is, I can't stop creating and keeping my hands busy. I was taking a break, outside with my son when he came up with the idea of the bird house. Of course, my new little DIY project started.


These bird houses are a beginner's project. You can use a hand saw, hammer and nails to construct a simple box with a roof out of a few small pieces of wood. In fact, I used wood taken from my scrap pile.

You can find the easy bird house plans right HERE.
Now, if you have some power tools, the building process will go much faster.
|  DeWalt Miter Saw  |  Ryobi Brad Nailer   |   Diablo - Hole Saw Set  |
One by one, the houses were assembled... Sides, bottom and roof.
And hey, just by accident, I found a way to give the front of the houses some cool texture. ;)
Milwaukee Hammer
Oh, I loved how they looked all white. Those roofs were created with remaining pieces of the shiplap I installed on my bathroom ceiling only that they were built using the backside of the shiplap.
However, painting the roofs in vibrant colors made them look even better. I can't wait for mother nature to give them some more character.
Bird houses with repurposed hardware
But hey, that's not it. This wooden crate that was laying around in the garage got a new purpose in life. :D
Yes, it got turned into a nice looking bird house, only that it's going to be used to store those small products we need to keep at hand when in our backyard.
Old hardware I had in my stash got to be repurposed here.
Bird houses with repurposed hardware

Bird houses with repurposed hardware

My sils were visiting us that afternoon.
  |  Patio Umbrella  |  Patio Set |  Rug  |  
 Well guys, weather permitting, you can find us here.
bird houses on deck
String Lights and How to Hang Them
I hope you're enjoying your Summer so far!

For more DIY ideas check these out:

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. They are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Thelma!! We really like them and hope the birds do too. ;)

  2. Those are the cutest birdhouses ever! The use of the cabinet handles will make a perfect perch for those birds. What a fun way to use leftover materials. your deck looks very inviting and I see that Louie is enjoying it as well. Speaking of weather permitting outside time, did you get all that heavy heavy rain yesterday? I hope it did not make a mess of your yard work.

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks!! You're as ever so sweet. <3 I've already seen a bird standing there on one of those pulls, it put a huge smile on my face. :)
      Oh, it's been raining a lot not only here, but I guess, all around the country. And they've been powerful storms. They've knocked down many trees around the area. In fact, a tree in my SIL's house has been affected twice. our yard has been spared. :) Less watering the flowers, plants for me. ;)

  3. Your birdhouses are AWESOME!!!

    So is your back yard living space- it is soooo inviting!!!


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