Geometric Designs Wall Art

The warmer weather is finally arriving!  This past weekend was really gorgeous, we just had to stay outdoors and enjoy all the beauty of Spring time.

Well, I also managed to work on this project, changing the wall art in the family room.
For Christmas time I wrapped some canvasses with fabric and placed the Ho Ho Ho felt words on top and that was it!

For Valentine's Day the letters were changed for Xo Xo Xo,  hah easy change!  But after Valentine's Day this is how they have been.

It was on my to do list, but nothing came up until I saw these pretty designs! Yeah, those are Kleenex tissues. I love those designs and the colors.  That was my inspiration.

I took a picture of each package, worked the designs with my new printer and ...
 hello beautiful!

I got the four designs on the tissues plus one extra.   You can download the designs I used, they are not of great quality but the 8x10 size works pretty good.  Hoping they are not  trade mark designs ;)

Green              Pink              Yellow              Blue              Orange

Then the prints were attached to the canvasses with Mod Podge, but not before painting the old designs, attaching painters tape all around the canvasses to create a "white frame", and cutting the paper to size.

Since the canvasses are not a hard surface, many creases appeared while applying the Mod Podge.

Not that noticeable when it dries though.  The tape was taken off and onto the wall they went.

The dark green design was a piece of fabric I already had, a last minute decision to include that one in the gallery to better fill the space.

The new gallery ties in nicely with the art above the fireplace.

And I love how those bright colors give the room a happier atmosphere!

More Spring projects coming!


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  1. This is so exciting and fun Cristina! I love it that you can change it according to the season..very ingenious and pretty too..but than again, you are one talented gal! Have a great week sweetie.

  2. Well- How cute is that? GREAT job and it looks wonderful for Spring/Summer- xo Diana

  3. What a great idea! I love the pops of colour, which look so good against the grey walls.
    You're so clever.

  4. I love geometrics! I got some stick-on geometrics at amazon for a steal and I've been putting them on and off the home! Clever Idea Cristina, gift wrap from Target sprint line is also another cheap option. :-)

  5. Siempre tan creativa Cristina … Muy linda idea esos cuadros se ven hermosos en tu living

  6. Cristina your art looks fantastic. I really like the spring feeling it gives to your room. You have very good natural light in this room. Everytime you photograph it I love the light and colors even more.

  7. Tissues - who would have thought! It's amazing where inspiration can be found! They are fabulously fun, bright and beautiful! And congrats on the Brittany gig - you deserve it!

  8. I love the colors! Thanks so much for showing us how you did looks fabulous!


  9. I have those travel kleenexes and admit I only bought them for the design! So bright & cheery. It looks great in your space :)xo Kristin

  10. Haha Using Kleenex patterns? GENIUS! What a cute project Cristina. I really love how you can change with the seasons.

  11. you are so ingenious cristina! getting your inspiration from kleenex tissue is just onto the NEXT level! ♥ love how it turned out!


  12. Great spring project! Oh and the way these geometrics echo the lovely painting above the mantel - its a subtle, beautiful combination!

  13. Wow, this is genius! I love how you can get inspiration in even the most unlikely places. You are so creative. I really love how this room looks - it's so fresh and crisp and looks perfect for spring! The wall color is amazing.

  14. Muy Bonita! (ha ha, like my attempt at spanish!) I really love these! You are so amazingly creative Cristina! I am so happy you shared them as well, thanks so much!

  15. Stunning room! Great job!!

  16. Brilliant idea! Who would have thought tissue packages could be so cool! Please come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us! Karin

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  18. You are so creative, and they are GORGEOUS! Kleenex designs... who'd have thunk it!

  19. These are great! I love how you've adapted the same canvases for different seasons. I love the patterns for the spring ones!

  20. Cristina esa pared te quedó hermosa. Super colorida!

  21. That's really clever! Those tissues are way to pretty to be used for their purpose, I think taking a picture was genius!

  22. Wow love your living room! So bright and warm! Feels so comfy! The wall art is very clever, I just love it!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty Blogspot

  23. its so bright and cheerful! I love it!

  24. You crack me up...finding inspiration from Kleenex packages! But it worked out well. I love that you can use your wall art in so many ways and change it up with the seasons. And I still LOVE your mantel art.


  25. What a beautiful room! Love the bright pastels against the warm grey... inviting and calm with a playful sense of humor. Thanks for sharing this inspiring look...Lynaea @


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