Versatile Blogger Award

I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Daniela at

Thank you so much Daniela!

Go and check all the awesome projects Daniela tackles and on the cheap side, like this wonderful vanity!

You can also see how resourceful she is! click HERE to see what this box looked like before! Isn't it lovely?!

Here are the rules for this award:  

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include this award image in your post.

   4. Give 7 random facts about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other Bloggers for the award.

6. When nominating, include a link to their site.

7. Let other Bloggers know they have been nominated.

Now for the seven random facts about myself:

1. I looooove chocolates!!!

2.  I like sports!! I like to try all different kind of sports!
My favorites are volleyball, soccer, and biking!
Lately I haven't practice them that much!

3.   Cooking is something I don't enjoy, but it's something
 I have to do almost every day!

4. I can eat rice everyday!

5. The most disgusting animals that I cannot tolerate are
cockroaches!  (even writing that word makes me feel bad!)

6.  I come from a very large family!
11 siblings!!!  Something I was embarrassed to
tell anybody when I was young!

7.  I am a Colombian born, and right here
in Colombia, S.A. is where I'm writing this!!

Me and my family are on a vacation trip, doing a little bit of everything!
Visiting so many family members, going places, reminiscent,
and even taking care of some medical issues!

For the next three weeks I'll be posting all about this exciting trip!
Now, my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

Please, please, please! Go check them out!!
They are all so talented,
they, for sure, will inspire you!


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  1. Oh- I loved reading about you- Do you know that I did NOT know that you lived in SA? I just adore you and your blog. I have already done the Versatile Blogger a couple of times so I will pass on doing it this time...but thank you so much- you are just a doll.

    I will be looking forward to hearing about your vacation! Stay safe xo Diana

  2. Thanks so much for nominating us. :) Hope your vacation is going well.


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