Shopping Finds!

I have been pretty busy doing something I really like to do! Shopping!  Yes! This week I've been on a shopping spree with my younger sister who is visiting me, as I told you before.  The best thing is that we are shopping for stuff for the home, HER home!  That's the kind of stuff I like to shop for the most!  She just bought a new apartment and came here for me to help her buy stuff to make it feel homier. It's so good to buy and buy things you pick and you buy but you don't have to pay for them! 

Well, now I'm feeling a bit tired! My legs are beginning to tell how much we have been walking! And I'm happy to get to spend time with her.

So far my best find for the price was this red guy:


I was at Target and as usual I went to find for treasures at the clearance section, it was there, I picked it up to check for the price, and immediately doble check to see if something was broken because I couldn't believe it!

It was only $.06!!!  An "As Is" product coming down from $.05 made no sense! But I didn't want to argue about that! We paid for it, the only one at that price! We did check the entire store looking for another one but couldn't find it!  We were surprise at the price but the cashier was even more amazed!  I guess that only happens at Target! Don't you just Love it?!

Well, the bad thing is that I haven't been working on my projects!
It's been just about this every day:

Some more days and I'll be back with some new projects!

Until then,  Happy Easter!




  1. Cristina- What fun that you have been shopping with your sister. I can't believe that ANYTHING is priced at 6 cents! I suppose someone made a pricing error somewhere along the line! Have fun and prop your feet up now and enjoy a cuppa coffee (or wine) with your sister- xo Diana

  2. wow, you sure have been shopping and at my favorite store too! Great deal you got and I know how that makes us so
    Happy Easter to you and your family!



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