My plans for 2012

I'm so glad the kitchen is finally done!
You all know it was done a little while ago, hmmm six months ago to be exact; but since I put this blog up and running that was my number one goal last year: to begin running the blog the first week of January, featuring the kitchen. 
That part was done but then I thought it would be helpful for me to make a list of some of the things I want to accomplish this year.

 -This following week I’m going to post some of the changes I did to the Family Room last year. It was a necessity, it’s the room right in front of the kitchen and, even though I didn’t have a budget for that, I had to do something to that space, the old style didn't go too well with the new kitchen. ;)

-I will continue with my Laundry Room.  
I called it “Laundry Room”, but it’s so tiny, it’s more like a passage way between the garage and the kitchen. 
It needed storage space, as you can see pretty well in the below picture. Everything I didn’t know where to put ended right then and there. :/
fufff! I cannot believe this mess!

-My biggest goal for this year will be updating my bedroom.  I need to do something, it feels cold, boring! I kind of don’t want to go in there! :(  But this has to be done by mid-year, or at least when the weather gets warmer. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, especially in how to treat that slanted ceiling?!

-Something else that bothers me is my pantry cabinet! Whenever I organize that space I have to throw away items with expiration dates well over a year! I want to install pull-out shelves to have a better access to all those items that get lost in there.

-I used to call myself an organized person, but lately I’m not so much of that person. I’m going to try this year to regain that self-proclaimed label.
-Last but not least, and for this one my whole family would be very happy, I want to try new recipes on my cooking.  My big secret: I DO NOT enjoy cooking. I have to do it, I try to do it the best I can, but I get more excited about painting  a room all day long than looking for a new recipe.
Well those summarize the main things that I want to tackle this year. What is your main goal this year?



  1. Same thing happens to me with the pantry! A pull out shelf would definitely help a lot and thanks for the idea! :D

  2. Unbelievable kitchen makeover!!! What a great job with such a small kitchen!!

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